What do we offer?

  • LARGE DESIGN COLLECTION:- More than 2500+ exquisite designs in all categories.
  • EASY TO BUY:- Select and order at a click of button at the time of convenience.
  • PRIVILEGE ACCESS:- Join exclusive club of selected retailers to access, view & source jewellery from rasavjewels.com.
  • CUSTOMIZED ORDERS:- Rasav Jewels provides opportunity to place customized design order.
  • DEDICATED CRM TEAM:- Each retail partner gets a dedicated CRM Executive to facilitate smooth transactions.
  • TRANSPARENT PRICING:- Rasav Jewels provides detailed price breakup of each product.
  • NEW COLLECTION LAUNCHES:- Get exclusive access to all new design collections.
  • HIGHER MARGINS:- Since direct from manufacturer, Rasav Jewels provides higher margin to retailers.